Good localization tools are investments with pros and cons. In spite of the direct and indirect costs caused by eg. the actual price and the time spent on learning, localization projects tend to be so tricky that there are at least 20 reasons advocating on choosing a proper localization tool for the project:

  1. Automated tasks – Localization tool can be taught to do certain repetitive routine tasks automatically.
  2. Automatic testing for errors – Localization tool can search for and warn you about the possible errors automatically.
  3. Better quality– Localization tool can improve the quality by working precisely and untiringly, and by limiting the possibility of humane mistakes
  4. Controlled process – Localization tool can help you in following the proven localization process structure
  5. Easier translation– Localization tool can separate the translatable text from the rest of the code in a way that it is easy for the translator to work.
  6. Fast translation outsourcing – Localization tool can simplify the translation outsourcing process
  7. Fewer mistakes – Localization tool can prevent mistakes in the code significantly.
  8. Improved return on investment – Localization tool can decrease the costs by shortening the duration of the project and by preventing expensive mistakes
  9. More efficient localization process –Localization tool can improve the efficiency of a localization project by limiting the need for manual work and by letting you focus only on the important steps.
  10. Quick building phase – Localization tool can build the localized software or file fast.
  11. Secured localization – Localization tool can separate the localizable parts for you and leave the rest of the code untouched.
  12. Shorter time-to-market – Localization tool can enable quick market entry with shorter project duration.
  13. Simplified localization process – Localization tool can guide you through the localization project.
  14. Technical support – Localization tool developers can provide you technical support with your project.
  15. Unlimited localization possibilities – The best localization tools can be used in almost all kinds of localization or translation projects.
Try to hew down a tree without any tools.
Try to imagine the equation without the tool.

Localization tools are like any other tools: they are developed for people to ease their work. Of course one can try to hew down a tree without any tools but it will take more time and muscles.

Are there any other reasons that you would add to the list?

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