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We recently wrote a list of useful translation related sites. In this post we take a somewhat lighter perspective to the topic. Although translation work deserves to be taken seriously, silly translation mistakes and jokes provide a good laugh. Here are some Web-pages with hilarious translation related content.

Fun translation mistakes mostly in the field of marketing and sales – Not-so-successful product name and marketing message translations may not be profitable for companies, but they will most likely get at least some attention. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Dilbert comics about translation – The over 20-years-old comic character, Dilbert, has had his moments in the field of translation. Here you can find some of these strips.

Funny Phrases in French – Every languages have their own weird phrases. Here you can read some funny French phrases translated to English with the authentic counterparts.

15 Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent – Although it is said that there is a new word added to English every ninety-eight minutes, there are plenty of words in other languages that have no English translation. It’s a pity because they are great words, indeed!

Do you know more fun sites to add to this list? Write a comment!

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