Season-greetings-from-Multilizer-600x550It’s the time of the year when many people celebrate holidays all around the world. There are many different celebrations during December and January. Because we all learn the ‘right way’ of celebrating when growing up, it might feel that everyone everywhere follow the same habits and customs. That isn’t true. There can be similarities but every culture has their own way of spending the season.

Let’s see how people around the world celebrate christmas. These beautiful and informative infographics explain many local customs that might surprise you.

1. Interactive world map: Christmas Traditions Around the World

Move you mouse over the image and find¬†fascinating facts. Interesting fact: “In China Christmas is only often celebrated in the major cities.”

2. Inforgraphic: Christmas In Every Country

Many cultures have their own version of Santa Claus who is recognizable but still different. Interesting fact: “In Korean Grandpa Santa wears either a red or blue santa suit.”

Christmas in every country
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3. Infographic: Today I found out… 12 Christmas Traditions From around the World

Sometimes the local holiday customs seems weird to foreigners but there’s always a real and locigal story behind every ‘odd’ habit. Interesting fact: “In Ireland it’s a tradition to leave mince pies and a bottle of Guinness out as a snack for Santa.”

12 Christmas Traditions Around The World
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4. Infographic: Christmas Around the World

Food plays an important role in many holiday traditions around the world. Interesting fact: “In Caracas, Venezuela roads are closed to motor traffic in December between 16th to 24th. People go to Early Morning Mass by rollerskates.”

Cristmas Around the World
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5. Infographic: Christmas Bells Around the World

Even the bells speak different languages. Interesting fact: “Bim Bam. Dim Dom. Giling Galang.”

Christmas bells around the world
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Happy Holidays to all our readers!


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