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The Web is full of information on almost every topic. Some of it is more and some less useful, and the finding of the right piece of information can be tricky. In this post we like to share some of the useful translation related Websites with you. If you like to add a site to this list, please use the comment field below the post.

Machine Translation Post-editing Guidelines – A useful article about post-editing text which has been machine translated. Guidelines for achieving both good enough and perfect quality. Like with all translation projects, the goal or target quality of the project should be considered also before starting to post-edit machine translation.

Tips to Improve Interpretation Skills – Translation is so much more than just changing words from one language to another. This article gives some useful tips for anyone who wants to improve his/her interpretation skills.

Localization & Language Laws – An interesting and important point of view for every localization and translation project. If you are considering to enter foreign markets, the legislation of the new country may restrict or limit your localization choices by demanding certain things to be translated to the country’s official language.

Translation industry jargon with explanations – This article is informative especially for those who want to outsource translation work. Translation service firms may fall in to the trap of using translation related jargon, which can confuse customers. Read this and know what they are talking about in translation industry.

Information about human vocabulary – Because words are the base of every language, vocabulary has been under people’s interest for a while. This Wikipedia-article shares some interesting insights about human ability to remember and use words.

Writing Web Content for Machine Translation – We have written our own guidelines for writing machine translatable text. Same rule apply to every kind of text, however there are some special things you should take into account when writing Web content. This article gives some ideas for that.

There are plenty of other useful pages available online. Share your favorite sites in the comment field.

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