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About Multilizer

Multilizer is an innovative software company specialized in translation and localization tools. Multilizer has a long history of innovation and leading edge technology. From the very beginning since 1995 our mission has been to develop high-quality products around the needs of different localization stakeholders, including localization managers, translators and software developers.

Multilizer’s goal is to make local business actions easier for companies in the global market. Today more than 120 million words are translated every month with Multilizer products in over 150 countries worldwide.

Here are our products:

MT-Qualifier selects the best machine translation for you and estimates the quality automatically. You don’t have to guess anymore how good the translation is. MT-Qualifier tells it to you!


Multilizer PDF Translator translates PDF documents automatically on your PC and it creates translated documents which look like the original files with all the images and charts on the right places.


Multilizer Localization Tool is your shortcut into new market areas with easily localized software and quickly translated documents.


Remoteus makes it possible for you to offer remote support for your customers by remote PC check and remote PC access.


Visit the sites to read more about the products. There are also free trials and versions available. Download and test easily already today!

And if you have any questions regarding Multilizer products, don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll reach us most conveniently via email:

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