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About localization & translation technologies.

About Translation Blog

Multilizer Translation Blog is all about modern translation technologies and practices for anyone who is interested in translation and languages, and technologies related to the world of translation.

Languages and translating are interesting topics in this global world in which we all are living. Languages are a prerequisite for human communication and communication is the base of any human interaction. A huge part of the world is dealing with translating and translations on a daily basis when communicating with people outside one’s own territory. Our goal is to make the people aware of how the latest language technologies can help in the communication.  This blog exists because we want to share our expertise in translation technologies, translating and languages, and to discuss these topics with you.

If you have ideas on articles you’d like to read or have suggestions on how we could improve our blog or if you want to write a guest blog, please contact us by leaving a comment below. We’re looking forward to hear from you!

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