benefits of using pdf invoices

PDF invoice is a great option for those who value professional looking and easy to use invoices. In fact many small-business owners already use this option to send their invoices to their clients. There are good reasons why PDF invoices are so popular. Here are some of those reasons.

1. Prevent clients from changing the invoice

This is the first reason why you should use the PDF invoice. By using this PDF invoice, you can prevent your clients from changing the invoice. There might be shady clients who feel temptated to change the invoice to reduce the amount that they have to pay. Of course there are ways to edit a PDF document as well but it requires some effort and skills and most people are not willing to make the effort. To make it even more difficult you can protect the file by a password.

2. Easy to send

It is also very easy to send PDF invoices to the clients. Although PDFs are easy to print and send as a traditional letter, they are optimal for electronic delivery by email. As long as you have a laptop and Internet connection, you will be able to send PDF invoice easily. It is also much quicker and cheaper way to send invoices than using traditional mail delivery.

3. Can be stored inside the computer

It is important store invoices to avoid any problems that may occur in the future. While hard copies need space to store, PDF invoices are only bytes in your computer, flash drive or cloud storage. PDF invoices are an easy way to organize everything related to your business inside to the same place. You do not have to worry about finding the particular files in the future and if you are using an online folder you will have an access to your files anywhere.

Because all businesses can’t or don’t want to invest on expensive billing and accounting softwares, PDF invoice is a very effective and affordable way to manage and organize invoice files. All your important invoices will be well organized. You will never lose your invoice files in the future because you can save everything and take backup copies easily with just a few clicks.


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