Localization Now Will Save Your Money Later

Localization is an investment for the future. Like with all investments, costs of a localization project are paid today and benefits will be realized tomorrow. In the context of localization, this means both new foreign customers and lower costs on customer support and service in the future. Continue reading Localization Now Will Save Your Money Later

Global Or Local?

Think globally, act locally. It’s a cliché but not a bad one. Many companies have become internationally successful by following this simple rule. However, one could also think globally and act globally. When it comes to global businesses there are two possible strategies: 1) to keep the messages and communication global, or 2) to localize them. There are good reasons to choose either of them. Continue reading Global Or Local?

5 Ways to Decide into Which Languages to Localize

Nowadays more and more decisions can be based on data and facts. Big data has been the buzz word in the business world for quite some time. The language choice isn’t an exception. A company which has a website, web store or company profile in social media knows a lot about the visitors of its online property. This information can help in localization decisions. Continue reading 5 Ways to Decide into Which Languages to Localize

Two Reasons to Localize

Localization can be a little intimidating if you haven’t done it before. Luckily the actual localization project isn’t the difficult part. There are tons of guidance, tools and services available to help you in the localization phase. All the mental work before even deciding to localize is the toughest part of the process. Continue reading Two Reasons to Localize

Importance of Mobile Application Localization

Every smart phone or tablet has some kinds of apps in it. Those tiny pieces of software are everywhere in our lives: they measure, educate, help, guide, unite, relax and entertain us every day. With apps modern phones and tablets transform into mobile and compact information tools. The life without apps is hard to remember although it’s only been a little while since smart phones were invented. Continue reading Importance of Mobile Application Localization