Learn How to Convert PDF File into an Audiobook


Audiobook is one of the most popular products on the market these days. This book is a perfect option for people who are too busy to read. This product is also a perfect solution for people who have visual impairment or reading disability. It is very important to choose the best speech to text program that can help you convert PDF file to become an audiobook easily. Here are some tips that can follow to create your own audiobook easily and quickly. Continue reading Learn How to Convert PDF File into an Audiobook

Qualified Machine Translation Is the Next Step in Translation Technology

Automatic translations made by a machine are fast and easy alternatives especially in the online world. Machine translation is developed to automate translation work. The benefits of using machine translation are that any translation can be made quickly and affordably. The main debate has been around the quality. While machine translation quality is mostly good enough for understanding foreign language content, it still hasn’t reached the quality requirements that are commonly set for a professional translation tool. Continue reading Qualified Machine Translation Is the Next Step in Translation Technology

How To Localize Small .NET Software Easily [video]

In software localization it is usually true that the bigger the software the more complicated the localization process. While avoiding the most common localization mistakes can take a long way, the right localization tool for the project will save you from many worries.

For small applications the easiness of the localization project goes hand in hand with the profitability of the project. Localization shouldn’t ever take longer than the actual development. Multilizer has taken on this challenge, and as a result we simplified the localization process of a simple .NET application into three steps:

  1. Create the project with Multilizer
  2. Translate and/or manage the translation work online
  3. Finish the project with Multilizer

This video shows you these steps with Multilizer. NET Translator:

Video of localizing an example .NET software with Multilizer .NET Translator

Read more about Multilizer .NET Translator and download free trial!

How To Translate dotNET (.NET) With Multilizer

Multilizer has created a new solution for translating Windows application written with .net framework. The tool is called Multilizer .NET Translator and it is designed to be extremely easy-to-use. Normally localization and translation of dotnet software can be tricky but Multilizer .NET Translator minimizes the need for any manual work by scanning and building the translatable software with a couple of clicks. This way the most important part of the project, which is the translation work, gets the most attention and resources.

The translation process with Multilizer .NET Translator has basically only three steps.

  1. The first step is to select the .net application you like to translate, choose the languages and export the translation to Google Translator Toolkit.

  2. The second step is about the actual translation work. This step is done completely online. Project manager supervises and manages the translation work online. It is possible to outsource or crowdsource the translation work easily, or one can translate the project by oneself.

  3. The third step consists of importing finished translation from the Toolkit and building the latest translation version of the translated software.

Each of these three steps requires only few clicks from the project manager. The main criteria behind Multilizer .NET Translator is to make the translation process as simple and easy as possible. The straightforward translation process is made possible by the advanced Multilizer technology which guarantees that the technical part of the project runs smoothly and there’s minimal project management overhear. In other words this means basically that the duration of the whole project is close to the time spent on the actual translation.

Overall Multilizer .NET Translator introduces a new and much easier way to translate and localize .NET applications. For more information, please visit Multilizer .NET Translator Website. Try also a free demo.

New Tool For Translation Crowdsourcing

We will soon publish a new tool that will enable easy outsourced or crowdsourced translation of .NET applications. The tool is targeted for rather small applications and it will be on the lower end of the price range. This will enable also private software developers to benefit from translation crowdsourcing and effective translation tools.

We have earlier written about benefits of crowdsourcing translation and about top reasons for using translation crowdsourcing. Our new tool will bring these benefits to all software developers that write software with Microsoft’s .NET framework. Very soon we will develop our tool to include also other software and file formats, e.g. Android, Delphi and C++Builder. Our high-end tools already support these and dozens of other file and software formats.

Read more about the new translation crowdsourcing tool. Also check our guest blog posting about crowdsourcing with next generation CAT tools in GTS blog.

MOTO - Outsource and crowdsource translation online with Multilizer

Restaurant Called “Translate server error”: Benefits Of Automatic Translation Quality Check

In our series of articles about how to use machine translation correctly, we have reached the point when we want to introduce how automatic translation quality check can improve the translation quality. (Download free Translator Gadget with automatic quality check.)

Automatic translation quality check which is integrated in the Translator Gadget estimates how good and usable the machine translated text is. This kind of feature is totally new innovation which diminishes the potential uncertainty involved in automatic translations and their quality. Although the technology behind machine translation is being constantly developed and improved, still machine translators won’t always be able to produce totally flawless text. Automatic translation quality check gives a clear hint if the translation can be used or should it be proofread etc.

Let’s demonstrate the potential harm caused by translation mistakes with a couple of famous translation errors that could have been prevented with automatic translation quality check.

First, in China there is a restaurant called “Translate server error”! Apparently the restaurant owner tried to translate the Chinese word for restaurant into English but the machine translation failed with an error. Automatic translation quality check would have detected the error. On the other hand, the restaurant is now obviously much more famous than it would have been without the error! This case sounds so incredible that it is better to check the following picture of the “Translate server error” restaurant:

Automatic quality check for mashine translation would have prevented the chinese restaurateur's mistake.
Source: www.seriouseats.com

Another more famous and actually potentially very harmful translation error was made by Ms. Hillary Clinton’s staff. Briefly, it was a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, Ms. Clinton gave Mr. Lavrov a present representing a “resetting” of the relationship between those countries. And the translation error: Instead of saying “reset” the message on the present said “overcharge” in Russian. The difference between these words is only a matter of couple letters in Russian. In always tensional political environment small mistakes like this can become the straw that broke the camel’s back. And to make the situation even worse, the whole episode was filmed and of course it is now on YouTube. A longer discussion of this situation can be found here. The story doesn’t tell if this error was made by a computer or by a human being. Nevertheless, automatic translation quality check would have prevented the error.

Here’s the YouTube-video from the unfortunate situation:


These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg. A good sense of humor takes a long way but it isn’t always enough. In those cases automatic translation quality check can help.

Translator Gadget by Multilizer. It translates. It estimates the quality. It's free. Try it!