color-localizationLocalization involves not only translating words from other language to another but also adopting other local elements. For example images, colors, names, dates, prices and currencies are elements that may be changed during the localization process. People are visual creatures, and colors are important to us. They are filled with cultural meanings that should be taken into account when localizing material to other markets. 

Here we have collected some of the most valuable color related infographics for all localization project participants. We hope that these are valuable and help you to make successful localization decisions

Infographic #1: Color and Cultural Symbolism

color localization
Key point to remember: The meaning of colors can be totally opposite across different cultures.

Infographic #2: Colors Around the World

colour localization
Key point to remember: Colors have also religious meanings.

Infographic #3: Colours & Cultures

colors in different parts of the world
Key point to remember: Nearly all human emotions and symbolic elements of human life can be linked to a color.

Infographic #4: Meaning of Colour in Marketing

international meanings of colors
Key point to remember: The meanings of colors can be universal in certain situations.

It seems that the globalization affects the fact how colors are perceived. The more people interact with each others across culture borders the more the meanings will blend. Likewise, the technological development has had a crucial role in the current meanings of colors. Earlier in the human history, it was laborious to produce some colors and only the rich and powerful have the access to them. Today, when we are able to create any possible color anytime in both the offline and online worlds, there’s no scarcity of any color anymore. Still, the sky is blue and forests are green. And colors remain emotive to people.


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