how to make a non-printable pdf

Sometimes people want to make their PDF files non-printable. In most cases, they just do not want other people to distribute their materials without permission. A non-printable PDF file is one way to limit the distribution of the material. In this article, we list some effective steps that people can do to create this type of file. 

Creating this kind of file is not a difficult task to do. Just follow these simple steps. However, it might be a good idea to first read all these instructions before you start converting your file to become a non-printable PDF file.

A. First, you have to prepare your PDF file. You should create your own document before continuing to the next process. Your document can be a word document or a PDF or in some other format. Once you have your document ready, you can move forward to the next step.

B. Then, you can use your favorite PDF creator (if your document is not a PDF yet) or PDF editor (if your document is already a PDF) to lock your PDF file. Most applications offer help with this task. You can simply choose the security option in the PDF creator or PDF editor. This option allows you to edit or lock your PDF file easily. In this security option, you can also add a password to lock your PDF file. By doing so, you can improve the security system of your PDF file. It means that not all people can get access to your PDF file. You can simply distribute your secret material to your desired people.

C. In this security option, you can also select “None” on the Printing allowed section. By doing so, you can prevent other people to print your PDF file without your permission. You are the only one who can print your file. There is no one else who can print your PDF file unless you give someone a permission to print it.

These simple steps you can follow to prevent other people from printing your PDF file. It is very important method for everyone who wants to protect their PDF files. Other people will not be able to distribute your PDF file without your permission. It is a very good way to protect your PDF material from any copyright infringement in the future.

protect your pdf files

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