Yet another year comes in just a few hours. This is a good time to think back the previous year and above all look forward to the coming year. A new year is a new chance grow as a person, learn new skills, experience exciting moments and enjoy the life. Although people around the world have different traditions to celebrate the new year, these basic ideas can be found behind many of them.

We have collected four beutiful and informative infographics for you. They tell how people around the world welcome the new year. Read and enjoy!

New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around The World

Did you know that the New Year isn’t a new festival? Celebrating the New Year is a tradition that dates back nearly 4000 years. Read more interesting facts on this infographic:


Image source: Travel Infographics


New Year Around The World

When the year changes and the clock strikes 12 times, people in Spain quickly eat twelve grapes to ensure good luck for the new year. Find out more:


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New Year’s Eve Around the USA

The Times Square crystal ball in New York City is just one of many objects that drop at the midnight all around the USA. This beautiful infographic teaches you more:


Image source: Home Away


50 New Year Traditions From Around The World

Did you know that the Czech predict the next year by looking at the shape of an apple core? Or that the Finns melt tin for the same reason? Here’s a comprehensive infographic telling 50 tranditions around the globe.


Image source: Daily Mail

Happy new year to all our readers! Let’s make the coming year the best one so far.