In this growing trend of e-books and e-book readers, many people wonder if it is possible to convert a PDF file into Kindle format – often referred as a MOBI file. There are actually numerous possibilities and ways to convert a PDF file into a kindle format in a way that it is possible to read it on a Kindle or any other e-reader on the market.

The conversion from PDF to Kindle format can be beneficial and useful for everybody in many ways. For example authors can convert their old works which are already saved as a PDF format to make them available also in Kindle format. Or business owners might want to copy their manuals and product fact sheets from pdf files onto a kindle. Also, for those who have mobile phones and have PDF mobile files, the ability to open those files with their Kindle is crucial. The possibilities are endless and anybody can take an advantage of it.

It is very simple to convert a PDF File to a Kindle file with a special converter. There are many programs available that do this process directly. Here are some of them:

  • One of the most popular methods is to use a program called Calibre which can be downloaded from the web. Calibre is a open source program which performs file conversions. All you have to do is to download and install it, import the .pdf file of your choice into the library and click ”convert books” icon. Afterwards you have to choose “convert individually” from the menu and select “MOBI” as the output format and hit “OK”. This will quickly and efficiently convert your file to a Kindle friendly MOBI format.
  • Another method  is to use the Auto Kindle eBook Converter, this is another open source free program like Calibre that can be used to convert files to a kindle format.
  • There is an online tool that can also be used to convert a PDF file into a kindle format, this tool is called OnlineConverter and is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is choose the input and output file types, upload the file and click “convert”. This will easily convert the file to a .mobi file and make it available to be read on your Kindle.

A PDF file can also be directly opened with a Kindle for reading. However the result may not be reading-friendly because of possible formatting and text size issues. You could also copy and paste the entire document into a word processing program and save it as a Kindle format. This will only work if the file is not password protected, and some reformatting will be required. Also, if you have the time, you can always retype the whole document. However, this is often very time consuming and pretty hectic. Therefore you might want to consider a voice recognition system such as Dragon Naturally Speaking to transcribe your text.


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