Create a PDF fill-in form

Would it be nice to give the customers, readers or leads a form that they can fill-in without printing it? Imagine – they could fill-in the information easily and you wouldn’t have to interpret different types of handwriting. The document could be sent by email quickly without a scanner or writing it manually from a hard copy. The form would look professional and official, and it would be printable for archival purposes. With Adobe Acrobat and these instructions you can make a form easily.

There are actually many different methods that you can use to create this kind of form. However, not all methods can be used to create a PDF fill in form easily. Here are some step by step instructions that you can follow when creating a structured form PDF file. In order to create this form, you need to install the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat in your computer.

First, you need to create a PDF file that you want to insert your form. You can create your the document with a word processing program, such as Word or WordPerfect. Then, you need to convert your file to become PDF file. After you get your PDF file, you need to open your PDF file through the Adobe Acrobat software. In this software, you can simply insert some forms to your PDF file easily.

You need to click on the “Form” tool that you can find inside the Adobe Acrobat software. By using this tool, you are able to control all important things inside your PDF file. You can manage important items, such as name, short description, text style, text color, and many other items inside your PDF file. You can also choose several options that are available in this software. In this tool, you are able to control your form easily. After managing all options that are available in this tool, you can simply click “OK”. You can see your form inside your PDF file. At this time, you are ready to upload your file to become a form PDF file. You can simply click “Save As” and find the extension “PDF” file.

This form can be used for many different purposes. Many people are interested to learn how to create a PDF form in the proper way. Although, there are several effective ways that you can use to create a fill in form in your PDF file, Adobe Acrobat can be considered as one of the simplest software to help you create a form inside your PDF file.

If you know other easy ways to create a fill-in PDF form, please share your knowledge with the readers by leaving a comment below.

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