How to read a PDF with ipad?A lot of the most popular documents online are in the form of PDF Files, therefore at some point or another you will need to know how to open them up on either your iPhone or iPad. In this article I am going to teach you exactly how to do this. In the past  there no native support for PDF Viewing on the iPhone which made it incredibly difficult to view files, although thankfully with the latest incarnations this isn’t so much of a problem nowadays. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which we can view PDF Files on your Apple product.

The simplest way to read PDF Files on your iPhone or iPad is through a piece of software that comes preinstalled on them. This is the iBooks application, which is of course Apples version of the Kindle software. If you have set your device up to receive emails and are then sent PDF files you will be able to easily open them up on your device. There are times that you may have a PDF file on your computer that you wish to carry around and read whenever you want, for example if you purchase or download an ebook online. You could of course just email the file to yourself, but this is an incredible amount of hassle since you would have to read your emails each and every time you want to open the file. Luckily, there is an easy function built into iTunes which will enable you to put these PDF documents straight onto your device and read them through iBooks. All you need to do is follow these simple stages:

  1. Locate the PDF file that you want and then open up iTunes. Drag and drop this folder into the ‘books’ library.
  2. Plug in your iPhone or iPad. Select it from the list and check that it is set to sync books.
  3. Sync the devices.

It really is that simple, of course the process was slightly different in older versions of the operating system, but Apple listened to feedback and incorporated this system. There are of course tons of apps on the Apple Store which will enable you to read PDF files if you wish use those instead, but they have now become fairly redundant since iBooks.

Currently, PDF Translation in any language is not supported with any applications on the iPhone but you can use translation tools such as Google Translate or automatic PDF Translator to convert your PDF file into your required language with your PC before syncing it up with iTunes. However, please remember to respect the possible copyrights before sharing your translations to anybody else.

If you follow the instructions above you will have a wealth of books at your disposal which you can read right on your iPad or iPhone. Therefore saving you a lot of money as you won’t have to purchase them from either the Kindle or the Apple Store.

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