The best way to read an electronic document is in PDF format. Just about every computer on the market comes equipped with Adobe Reader so that the average user can take advantage of that great format. The PDF file has been around for a long time, but people are still not really up to date on all of the things that they can do with the files they receive.

A perfect example of that may be with a business that has a large PDF file that breaks down the job descriptions of every department. Sending the complete file to each of those departments will result in lost time as each employee has to search through the massive document to get to the section that pertains to them. What is needed there is a split PDF file that delivers only the essential parts of the whole document to the recipient. Unless you are well versed in the details of Adobe Acrobat, you may not be aware that this can actually be done quite easily.

Splitting a document to create a new PDF is done using the “Extract Pages” tool within Adobe Acrobat. To access the tool, select “document” from the toolbar, followed by “pages” and then “extract.” A window will then appear that will give you the option of selecting the range of pages that you want to split from the entire document. You also have the option of deleting those pages from the original after the extraction has taken place, but you should make sure that you have a copy of the original somewhere if you choose to do that. Click “OK” to extract the page or pages you want, then click “file” and “save as” to create a name for the new PDF file.

As you can see, it’s incredibly easy to create part PDF files from a larger document, assuming of course that you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat on hand. This is not an inexpensive piece of software, so outside of businesses that regularly use PDF files, it may not be something that the average computer user has installed at home. The good news is that if you don’t want to or can’t purchase Adobe Acrobat, there are also other ways to do this.

You can select the section in the PDF and print it easily. In addition, there are a number of free tools available online that will do the document splitting for them. Many of these are open source pieces of software that anyone can use, running form a very basic document splitter, all the way up to tools that will split, merge, and do much more, and all for free.


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