Multilizer has created a new solution for translating Windows application written with .net framework. The tool is called Multilizer .NET Translator and it is designed to be extremely easy-to-use. Normally localization and translation of dotnet software can be tricky but Multilizer .NET Translator minimizes the need for any manual work by scanning and building the translatable software with a couple of clicks. This way the most important part of the project, which is the translation work, gets the most attention and resources.

The translation process with Multilizer .NET Translator has basically only three steps.

  1. The first step is to select the .net application you like to translate, choose the languages and export the translation to Google Translator Toolkit.

  2. The second step is about the actual translation work. This step is done completely online. Project manager supervises and manages the translation work online. It is possible to outsource or crowdsource the translation work easily, or one can translate the project by oneself.

  3. The third step consists of importing finished translation from the Toolkit and building the latest translation version of the translated software.

Each of these three steps requires only few clicks from the project manager. The main criteria behind Multilizer .NET Translator is to make the translation process as simple and easy as possible. The straightforward translation process is made possible by the advanced Multilizer technology which guarantees that the technical part of the project runs smoothly and there’s minimal project management overhear. In other words this means basically that the duration of the whole project is close to the time spent on the actual translation.

Overall Multilizer .NET Translator introduces a new and much easier way to translate and localize .NET applications. For more information, please visit Multilizer .NET Translator Website. Try also a free demo.