How to Use Facebook Translate Button

Facebook Translate is the translation feature for Facebook to help users communicate with each other in different languages.

In a bid to match the translation facility of Google that gives users the option of translating the sites they visit into 50 different languages, Facebook has followed suit and launched the Facebook Translate button with the help of their search partners at Microsoft Bing.

This all new translation feature gives the user the option of quickly translating comments or content on its pages utilizing Bing Translate.

Before Facebook launched this service, its users relied on other services such as Google Translate to help them understand what other users who speak other languages are saying.

However the launch of the new Facebook translation button means that users no longer have to rely on using other systems such as Google Translate, and they will be able to translate text on a page simply by pressing the Facebook Translate button which is conveniently placed right next to the ‘like’ button.

What they will find when they have clicked on the translate button, in its place will appear an ‘Original’ button that will give the user the option of switching back to the original language. The languages it supports at this time are Korean, Japanese, Russian, Taiwanese, English, and Chinese.

If you want to activate Facebook Translate you will need to take the following steps.

  • Go to the edit page interface and from there select the ‘your settings’ tab.
  • From there select the ‘translations from’ section where users can enable translations by the following selections; machine and community; machine, community, and admin, or they can disable the feature.

Admins of pages will also be able to see a ‘manage translations’ link under their page posts and they can then delete or approve community-submitted translations or even add their own comments. They can also block content that they object to or even spam as a translation and quickly block them from their Page and from submitting translations to other Pages as well.

This is in addition to the language targeting and geographic tool that Facebook offers in the Page post publisher which gives Pages the opportunity to translate their updates annually and then put them out to the corresponding hoard of fans.

There are now also third-party Facebook Page tools that also offer translation services to help manage this process and are very helpful, but even these are now redundant now all Pages have access to a free, easy, and instantaneous translation tool.


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14 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook Translate Button”

  1. I have tried all the Translations that FB lists. None of them work. A couple of years ago Google Translation worked well then it just wasn’t Vailable.

    About 9 months ago when Libero posted on FB there was a Bing translation button. It was excellent A couple of days later it was gone. No notification when he it appeared or disappeared. The usual manner FB handles their site. Any help, FB lists many requests from their users because there is nothing available.
    Thank you!

  2. I miss the translate button which is not available for Swedish, but is on the Danish Facebook posts. How can I get the Swedish translation happening?????

  3. Olá, aqui no meu Blog tem o link e as instruções de como colocar o aplicativo no navegador Mozilla Firefox e o Facebook traduzir automaticamente cada postagem para o idioma que você escolher. Funciona em qualquer perfil, eu uso para ler comentários em meu mural ou linha do tempo e também para ler as postagens de amigos de outros países em seus próprios murais. Acesse, curta, compartilhe e aproveite !!!

  4. Yo siempre uso el traductor el mundo, en muy simples de usar,traducir todos los idiomas,es un traductor online. Se puede traducir paginas web para el español.

  5. Why does my Google Translater not working any more..and when i reanstall it still does not work..It is useful but stops working on it own is a joke.

  6. Я очень хочу постоянный перевод с английского языка на русский язык.Для общения с друзьями,которые не могут читать по русский,а я не могу читать по англицский.

  7. Waarom werkt mijn Google vertaler niet meer op Facebook? De vertaling was zo goed in 2012.
    Er zijn franse pagina’s die het nog vertalen via Bing, waarom niet die in ‘t Engels.
    Ik moet altijd naar de vertaler kopieren, dat is een groot tijds verlies.

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