make pdf file searchable

Share your amazing PDF document with others. After creating your PDF file, you can make it searchable on search engines, such as Google. There are few steps that you have to do when you want people to find your PDF file when they are searching for good documents. These simple steps are very useful for everyone who wants to get a big audience for their content.

 a. Create interesting PDF file

This is the first thing that you must do before other people can enjoy your PDF file. You have to make sure that you write a high quality PDF file because people want to read and share only good quality content. In order to write a file, you can use Microsoft Word or some other document creation tool. When your document is ready, you are able to save it in PDF format.

b. Protect your PDF file

When saving your file, you should protect it so nobody can change the content of your PDF file without your permission. This step is very important, especially if you want to make your file searchable.

c. Upload your file to your website or PDF sharing sites

You have to upload your PDF file on your website if you want to share your file online to other people. Alternatively, you can also share your file on a PDF sharing site. There are many PDF sharing sites that are available on the Internet. Just find the best one for your needs by using a search engine. If you want to use your PDF document to bring more traffic to your site, you should download the file to your own site or for example to your  WordPress blog.

d. Submit the URL to Google

If you want to make your PDF searchable, you should submit your PDF file to the PDF Google submit URL site. You can submit your URL through the Google Webmaster Tools. There is a great tool that you can use to submit your URL to Google. This allows search engine to index your file easily.

e. Do SEO campaign

To guarantee a wide spread of your document, you need to do a great SEO campaign for promoting your PDF file on the search engine. There are many SEO PDF tips that you can use for promoting your file. This step is very important to allow your file to reach the first page of Google.

By following these steps you can make your file searchable on the search engines. These simple steps can be used to share your files to other people who search PDF files on the Internet.

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