langauges evloveChanges aren’t always bad. People just tend to feel anxious when they’re not in control of the change. No one can make a language change just like that. Even a joint decision won’t initialize any change. It requires that the majority of the people adjusts their behavior and constantly maintains the new habit. Everyone who has ever tried to start a new habit knows how challenging the maintenance part can be.

There are plenty of examples of unsuccessful attempts to change how people communicate. New languages have been invented, terms and names have been localized, and so on. Still natural languages with complicated grammar and irregularities win artificial languages. Although it makes the languages even more complicated, many languages have adopted foreign words (usually with small twists) to the everyday vocabulary.

One reason for this is that innovations spread so quickly that people learn foreign terms faster than new localized words are invented. Especially new technological terminology has brought languages closer to each others in a way. Those who feel that these kinds of loan words threaten the language try to invent new local terms instead. However, people rarely want to learn a new word when they already can talk about the thing with one loan word.

People shouldn’t feel upset when new words are introduced or grammar is modified. Languages aren’t stable or static. They never have been. If you compare today’s newspaper to one from 100 years ago, you’ll see that the language (style, vocabulary, grammar etc.) won’t be the same. Languages won’t ever be ready because they are on a continuum which has no extreme points. Grammar books contain rules and regularities of the current language. These rules aren’t cast on stone.

Language evolution is often seen as a thing that separates generations. Younger people always adopt a different kind of way to use their language. It’s their method to feel togetherness, to separate them from previous generations and to find their place in the world. Every generation has gone through this process and every time they think that their way to use the language is the best.

So, step out of your comfort zone and start seeing languages as organic, evolving entities. Languages are means to communicate. People use languages but no one owns them.