It is always about the money in every project. Money – or the lack of it – prevents us doing things that are interesting, important and profitable. In these cases the attitude counts, because many things can be done in more than one way. There are always also cheaper ways to be found. In the world of localization, here are few ways to do more with less:

  1. Plan your project properly: A good plan makes it easy to see the big picture. When you have listed every single part of the localization project, you can allocate your scarce resources.
  2. Put the tasks into order of importance: If the budget is tight, prioritizing tasks is the best way to spend it. Do the most crucial ones and left the others with less attention.
  3. Find out whether there are unproductive parts in your project: You shouldn’t be spending your budget on unnecessary elements. Study your project and cut off all the extra costs. It can be the language service provider (LSP) between you and the translator, or it can be the localization service which can be replaced by a localization tool, or it can be something else.
  4. Do it yourself: Many things in a localization project don’t need special skills; they require only some effort. Yes, we people tend to be lazy, but we should remember that the easiest way might not be the cheapest one.
  5. You cannot save in everything: Those things that are the most important to your project and its success earn the required attention. Always examine your project to determine what you need to have. If you need to have a high-quality translation, don’t pay attention only to the price but also to the quality indicators.
  6. Be innovative: There are also tons of other ways to get the most out of a small localization budget. Use your imagination. Now share your best ideas with the others in the comment field!

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