Example of a PDF pattern. Source: http://sakkysa.deviantart.com/
Simple example of a PDF pattern. Source: http://sakkysa.deviantart.com/

A PDF pattern is very useful format to share all kinds of craft and DIY projects. High quality printable patterns can help to distribute ideas and instructions easily. PDFs are easy to send by email, to download, to save, to print and so on. With the professional look PDF is the perfect format for patterns.

In this article, we list several useful steps that you can follow when you want to create a beautiful pattern in your PDF files.

1. First, you need to make a printable template for your high quality PDF pattern. You can create it by using regular A4 sheets and a ruler and a pen. (If you feel comfortable to do this by computer, you can also use a photo editing software to create this template. Just make sure that this template has similar or larger size than your original pattern.)

2. You can tape these templates with your original pattern. It is a good idea to ensure that the pattern sticks properly on your template papers. Otherwise the papers may move and the drawing becomes more challenging. Then, you can copy all markings from your original pattern.

3. Then, you are able to disassemble the original pattern from the template paper. You can scan all template papers on the scanner. It is a good idea to copy all templates to your computer. When copying these templates, you can convert these into PDF files.

4. After scanning all templates, you can create some instructions and put a title page for your PDF files easily. It is recommended that you use proper software to create these PDF patterns to ensure high quality.

5. Some applications allow you to combine all PDF patterns into a single file. It is a good idea to combine all patterns together if possible. Then later, you can easily add some additional PDF patterns or edit the pattern. You can simply open the same application on your computer when you want to add some layers on your PDF pattern.

These are the steps that you can use to create a PDF pattern. PDF patterns are very popular among all people who want to make handcrafts. Creating this pattern by using PDF creator software is very easily. That is the reason why many people are interested to learn about this technique.

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