localization-is-good-service As a localization tool developer, we often talk about localization in a technical context. The implementation and processes have got a lot of attention here in the blog – which of course is important. Localization, especially software localization, can be tricky and there are many things to consider. However, the fact that localization has a great potential to improve sales and customer satisfaction deserves a great deal of attention as well.

Localization is always optional. Companies can choose to localize their products or software and the related material (documents, websites etc.). No one forces them to do so. It’s a matter of business strategy and there are plenty of businesses doing just fine without any kind of localization. In addition, there are a huge group of companies that have localized their offering only partly.

The incomplete or nonexistent localization that many companies have chosen may not be the optimal case for the user. We have seen it ourselves when we asked the users of our PDF translation product why they want to translate PDF files to other languages. One of the most common reasons was to understand a product manual. They told that they have purchased a product but they can’t understand the manual or user guide because it is available only in some foreign language. Still, to make it even worse, the product is so complex that these people desperately need some help with the usage.

It’s hard to believe that this type of ‘service’ (of not providing the manual in the users’ own language) wouldn’t affect their perception of the product and the brand. In general, local laws state which type of information has to be available in the local language. This is the minimum requirement. Taking the easy way out may not be the most profitable though. The reality is that all the companies in that market reach this level. It’s not the way to stand out and shine.

Well-made localization shows that the company cares about its users and customers. Localization, just like any customer service, becomes visible only when it’s bad or nonexistent. The negative effects are mostly indirect. The correlation between sales and good service is clear but often untraceable. This is why it’s so challenging to see the benefits of well-made localization beforehand.

If we go back to the reasons why people translate PDFs, we can see the problem. Those people, customers, have to do extra work to be able to use the product which they just bought. All the marketing and selling efforts have paid off and the stranger has transformed to a customer. Buying is always a risk to the customer because he pays the physical and mental price. When the customer faces problems right away, he might think twice before buying that brand again.

The companies can choose who goes the extra mile. Is it they or their customers? This is the difference between ‘good service’ and ‘plain service’.


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