Sometimes generic or raw machine translation doesn’t meet the requirements that have been placed to the translation and its quality. There are few options to overcome the situation. One is to lower the goals and requirements. Another option is to find more suitable machine translator. Third option is to post-edit the machine translation. Fourthly, one can choose to hire professional translator to do the translation starting from the beginning. Fifth option is to customize the machine translation in a way that it could reach the goals.

Let’s examine the last option more. Machine translation customization is not the same as creating a completely new machine translator. The existing machine translator is the base line from which the customization begins. The main idea is to add some crucial and important linguistic data or information to the machine translation. This new information will make the machine translator more reliable and stable so that it can produce higher quality.

Unfortunately, machine translation customization isn’t quite as simple as it might seem to be. It requires both strong technical and linguistic knowledge because the customization is made to a technology and the results are defined and evaluated from the linguistic point of view. Furthermore, the additional data should be very comprehensive and there should be enough of it. The data should also be in line with the material that will be translated with the customized translator. Machine translation customization usually takes some time and work effort but it definitely requires less resources than building a totally new machine translator. These requirements limit the possibility of using machine translation customization. Hence, it is most viable in very large translation projects. The profitability even increases if there is a continuous need for using the customized machine translation.

For them who have the needed resources and capabilities machine translation customization is worth considering.  The reasons for putting effort to a project like this are very common. The effort is made today because it brings savings in the future. Customized machine translation produces higher translation quality than raw machine translation, and better automatic translation means less manual translation work which saves time and money.

Have you tried machine translation customization?


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