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Product and service localization in itself is not quite easy. There are typically all kinds of technology and translation related issues to be solved. In addition one important more challenge comes from the legislation.

Many countries have special laws that rule what must be translated when selling to their domestic markets. Typically at least product manuals and agreements must be translated even if the product (e.g. software) itself is not translated. Luckily there is a list of laws affecting localization that will come in handy.

Nowadays more and more software is in the “cloud”, i.e. it is used via web browsers. There are even rules that affect the location of the server that hosts the cloud applications. E.g. European Union has written contract clause templates to ensure that hosting services comply with its laws.

While tools, like Multilizer Localization Tools, decrease the amount of technical challenges to the minimum, the legislation is still something which requires some work effort.