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Professional translators and certified interpreters know and understand how challenging their work is, and working on the freelance sites often involves dealing with clients and customers who have no real appreciation for the work.

Many professional translators have grown disillusioned with the freelance markets and chosen to work for translation companies instead. For those people who would rather work for an established translation company, the language experts at Tomedes have put together a continually updated list of 15 of the best translation agencies who may be hiring professional translators and interpreters.

If on the other hand, you are more independent and would rather work for yourself, the need to sell your services is a critical part of your success. In this article, we will provide you with the ultimate guide for selling your translation services to an established clientele who are not afraid to pay well for quality translation services.

The way you do this, is by showing them the actual statistics and data that will be compiled and analyzed for you here. There are many different key phrases that are relevant to marketing services of any kind, and the same holds true when you are trying to sell your translation services. The phrase here is “If I could, would you?”

Do you want an example?

If I could show you a list of statistics and figures that would convince your target markets that they need your translation services now more than ever, would you want to know more?

If I could show you how to turn that part time, often underpaid freelance translation work into a profitable career choice and international language services business opportunity, would you be interested?

If you are at all interested and want to know how to turn your translation work into a good-paying career choice and business opportunity, then you are definitely in the right place, and have I got a deal for you!

If I Could Eliminate 99% of Your Competition Using Translation Services

Would you be willing to hire me (or my translation company) to do the work and provide the translation services to do that?

That may seem like an outrageous claim at first glance, but the reality is that it is not just true, but easily accomplished using translation services and a little bit of marketing savvy with a touch of research added just for good measure.

Na verdade, English is used for about 60% of all online content. A translation into any language other than English automatically reduces the need to compete with 60% of all content online. The next most popular language online is Russian, making up around 8.6% of internet content. Spanish is next, comprising only 4% of all internet data and the numbers grow smaller from there.

Na verdade, looking deeper into these statistics gathered by the W3tech and W3org websites, it is noted that there are only eleven languages that are used in more than 1% of all the content on the internet today. Add in the additional data and it can be noted that there are roughly 24 línguas com mais de cinquenta milhões de falantes nativos e mais de 80 idiomas com mais de dez milhões de falantes nativos.

Se você pudesse oferecer a seus clientes a capacidade de colocar seus produtos e serviços na frente de dezenas de milhões de novos espectadores, com muito pouco sendo oferecido a eles, enquanto, ao mesmo tempo, compete com menos de um por cento de todo o conteúdo da internet, seria um pouco mais fácil vender seus serviços?

Se eu pudesse usar os serviços de tradução para aumentar a interação e as visualizações para marketing de vídeo

Você estaria interessado em usar meus serviços de tradução para melhorar sua campanha de marketing de vídeo?

Quantos influenciadores de vídeo do YouTube existem online com literalmente centenas de milhares de espectadores, já ganhando um bom dinheiro, e constantemente procurando maneiras de expandir seus mercados, sua influência e sua renda?

Por que você não está entrando em contato com essas pessoas para mostrar a elas como expandir significativamente seus mercados-alvo e reduzir a concorrência, enquanto, ao mesmo tempo, aumenta as visualizações, tempo de visualização, gostos, compartilha e até mesmo comenta suas campanhas de marketing de vídeo?

Também seria uma boa ideia procurar os criadores de vídeo que usam legendas de forma consistente em seus vídeos, pois isso deve fornecer a você uma vantagem adicional na venda de seus serviços para esses influenciadores de vídeo. Por que?

Sobre o 5 período do mês de abril '18 a agosto '18, o desempenho geral do canal do YouTube melhorou imensamente. Visualizações orgânicas - aumentou 147%
NOTA: Os números absolutos para visualizações orgânicas são indexados, com abril de 18 definido igual a 183
Fonte da imagem: Showing the increase in views and ranking on the search engine results pages through the use of closed captioning srt files.

Closed caption files are hard coded into the video, but what does that mean? It means they are not indexed by the search engines like the closed caption files for videos are. Closed caption or srt files are fully indexed by the search engine creating a much larger number of keywords that the video will rank with, and increasing its placement on the search engine results page and on the YouTube list of recommended video.

Add in video translation services and closed captioning with separate channels for all the different language translations, and even the most successful Video Influencers can potentially add millions of new subscribers and followers. You want to use separate channels for each of the video translations in order to ensure that foreign language viewers have easy access to all of the videos in their own languages. De acordo com Google and YouTube, there is no penalty for uploading the same video to multiple channels.

If I Could Use Translation Services to Increase Internet Marketing Campaigns

Would you be interested in increasing your ability to get your products out in front of new markets, or to increase your chances of getting that big joint venture you always dreamed of?

It has long been said that Content is King but in reality, it is far more accurate to say that the information conveyed in the content is really the king. There are certain websites that focus on internet marketers and this is a potentially lucrative market for the professional translator. Many of the products being sold on these sites are informational products.

What should strike out as being odd, is that a great many of the visitors are not native English speakers, but virtually all of the informational products are limited to English only copies. As a professional translator there are two potential options here, though marketing should be one of your strengths should you wish to engage in actively marketing the products.

Foreign language internet marketers will likely be marketing in English, but may also have websites in their native language as well. Chances are better than not that they will also want to actively engage in joint ventures or JVs with the internet marketing professionals.

An offering of document translation services to these foreign language internet marketers can afford them an opportunity to JV with the professionals, increasing the target market, reducing the competition and hopefully increasing sales at the same time.

What are the Best Translation Services to Sell to Potential Clients?

  • Website Translation Services – There are many ecommerce sites that are currently limited to a single language and have the necessary funds to expand their audience internationally. Anyone seeking to actively engage in multilingual marketing stands to gain much, but only if they are well prepared. They should ultimately focus on the creation of a multilingual website in order to provide as much information as possible to the foreign language markets.
  • Video Translation Services – Video translation services can be actively marketed to successful video influencers. These translation services can also be sold to ecommerce markets online who are actively seeking to expand their marketing campaigns, even if they do not yet know they could use your services.
  • Document Translation Services – Where to begin with document translation services? Do you live in a community where multiple languages are commonly used? Do you know of or see any markets online that would benefit from the translation of their content, marketing materials or other online documents? While it may be more challenging to sell the benefits of document translation services, it remains a very common need and lucrative market for professional translators.
  • Specialized Translation Services – There are some fields where the language translations must be very exact because of industry specific terminology. Among the most prevalent or at least common of these are for legal translations, medical translation and even many types of marketing. While these types of specialized translation services do tend to pay better, care should be taken unless the translator has the relevant experience for the job at hand.
  • Social Media Services – Content is far more likely to be shared on social media platforms, but the translation of ads for social media can lack a personal touch. Por que não se concentrar no estabelecimento de contas ativas de mídia social no idioma selecionado para tradução e envolvimento direto com os clientes? Geralmente são de longo prazo, e muitas vezes esforços agradáveis ​​que você pode receber bem para realizar.

Junte todas essas etapas e você poderá passar rapidamente de prestador de serviços de tradução autônomo de baixo custo a um especialista em tradução de carreira ou até mesmo o proprietário de sua própria empresa de tradução.

Ofer Tirosh é CEO da Tomedes, uma empresa de tradução que desde então 2007 servido 50,000 negócios, traduzindo em mais de 1000 pares de línguas, contando com milhares de excelentes tradutores internos e freelance.