Automatic translations made by a machine are fast and easy alternatives especially in the online world. Machine translation is developed to automate translation work. The benefits of using machine translation are that any translation can be made quickly and affordably. The main debate has been around the quality. While machine translation quality is mostly good enough for understanding foreign language content, it still hasn’t reached the quality requirements that are commonly set for a professional translation tool.

The fact is that machine translation is one of the fastest developing technologies. The quality has been improving remarkably during the past few years. There are some translators which can constantly produce quite good translation quality. While the data and knowledge behind machine translation technologies have been increasing, the translation quality has taken huge leaps forward — especially between widely spoken languages. For example English and Spanish is such a language pair which is quite well machine translatable.

Thus, the problem isn’t anymore that all machine translation is bad. The problem is that the translation quality is case specific and varies a lot between different machine translators. This is why the main focus should be moved from a human versus a machine battle to comparing raw and qualified machine translation. Qualified machine translation uses modern language technologies that both qualifies automatic translations and selects the best available translation automatically. This will improve the translation quality in a way that machine translation will become an every-day tool for all of us.


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