There are a lot of PDF files containing several images that you want to crop for the future use. In this article, there are some instructions on how to extract photos and other images from PDF files.

Extracting pictures from PDF files is not a difficult task. You only need to follow these simple tips in order to extract the images from your PDF files. Before you start prepare the folders where you want to store the images in your computer. Then you can follow these simple tips to extract images from your PDF files.

1. First, you need to open your PDF file by using Adobe Reader. The PDF file should contain the images that you want to extract. This program is very useful to extract image, translate PDF, and any other important tasks related to your PDF files.

2. Browse the PDF file by using the scroll bar tools until you can find the picture that you want to extract from your file. You can also use the next page shortcut in order to find your desired image very quickly.

3. After you find your chosen image, you should start copying your desired image. You should click on the picture once by using the left mouse button in order to highlight the image. Wait until the whole image is highlighted.

4. Start copying the image by clicking the right button on your mouse. After you click the right button on your mouse, you should see the “copy image” option. Left click that option in order to copy your desired image.

5. You should open your image management software program from your computer. There are several programs that are recommended, including the Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Paint, or Microsoft Picture Manager.

6. Using this image program, you are able to copy the image from your PDF file. You should open a new canvas on the program. New canvas is required in order to copy the whole image from your PDF files.

7. Then, you can click “Edit” option on the top navigation and select “paste”. You can also right click on your mouse to find the “paste” option. This option should be clicked in order to make your copied image appear on the canvas.

8. After copying your image in your program, you should click “save” button to save your copied image in your computer. Make sure that you choose the right extension of your images. There are several recommended extensions that you should choose, for example jpeg, bitmap, or tiff.

Those are the simplest instructions that you should follow in order to copy image from your PDF files. It is recommended that you save your PDF image to your computer and remember to check the copyrights if you plan on publishing it online.


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