How to Zoom PDF on Kindle?

The Kindle e-reader has proven to be a very valuable device for those that love to read books on the go. The ability to carry several books in one handy little gadget has made even the most avid supporter of paper books switch to digital.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, though, with some of the complaints having to do with the ability to read PDF documents on the Kindle. Perhaps the biggest issue in that regard has been the inability to zoom PDF documents and e-books to avoid eye strain or endless amounts of screen scrolling.

Updates to the Kindle have now made it possible to turn the device into a great little PDF reader where zooming capabilities are right at your fingertips. Continue reading How to Zoom PDF on Kindle?

How to Lock And Unlock a PDF File

A Portable Document Format file (i.e. a PDF file) is a handy and very popular format for creating documents. Its popularity lies in the preservation of formatting that it offers. Essentially, when you use a PDF format, the document you create is formatted in a way that will not change, no matter what software is used to open it. Continue reading How to Lock And Unlock a PDF File

Top Five Translation Plugins for WordPress

Do you ever wonder where all the visitors come from on your website? As web masters we all have a natural tendency to delve into the analytics of our site and see where our traffic is coming from.

If you have an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, it’s quite easy to see where in the world out traffic is coming from. Often it’s quite surprising to find where our site is reaching out to. Continue reading Top Five Translation Plugins for WordPress