Importance of Mobile Application Localization

Every smart phone or tablet has some kinds of apps in it. Those tiny pieces of software are everywhere in our lives: they measure, educate, help, guide, unite, relax and entertain us every day. With apps modern phones and tablets transform into mobile and compact information tools. The life without apps is hard to remember although it’s only been a little while since smart phones were invented. Continue reading Importance of Mobile Application Localization

Localization of Android Applications

The number of iPhone, Android, Symbian and other smartphone application in the markets increases very rapidly. Many of these applications are rather simple and very small in size. Selling of these applications usually does not require a web site or extensive marketing material because users from different cultures and countries all buy applications in few iPhone, Android and other software stores. Thus there is a big amount of applications that can be localized to new languages by translating 500-1000 words or even less. Continue reading Localization of Android Applications

The party, the panic and the trust. Meta-localization for success in localization.

corporate_party At first, what happens when you want to localize software is similar to being invited to a party where you don’t really know anybody, but everybody else seems to know everybody else. A feeling of awkwardness accompanies your gestures and a nervous smile sticks to your face. Your objective is to mingle and show who you really are to the others, hoping for the opportunity to present your striking ideas and disarming humor. You grow self-aware and every gesture becomes somewhat tense. The more relaxed you want to seem (“I’m totally ok with being here alone looking at the host’s beautiful plants”), the more displaced you feel. Continue reading The party, the panic and the trust. Meta-localization for success in localization.

10 Things We All Hate About Software Localization

reasons to hate software localization Have you ever taken part of a software localization project? Then you probably know that software localization won’t always be the most effortless experience. It’s no surprise that many people prefer buying professional localization services or tools rather than doing everything from scratch. Let’s go through ten reasons why software localization can be very challenging. Continue reading 10 Things We All Hate About Software Localization

Why You Should Localize Your Apps

Image source: Everybody understands English, right? Well, they don’t. Very many people on Earth can speak (at least some) English but it doesn’t mean that you should feed them a constant flow of English content. It won’t make them your customers. People can hear your message but it takes more than that to create a true feeling of understanding. Those who live in a small country and speak some minor language know how good it feels when something is said with their own language. Continue reading Why You Should Localize Your Apps