Localization Now Will Save Your Money Later

Localization is an investment for the future. Like with all investments, costs of a localization project are paid today and benefits will be realized tomorrow. In the context of localization, this means both new foreign customers and lower costs on customer support and service in the future. Continue reading Localization Now Will Save Your Money Later

How people around the world celebrate the new year [infographics]

Yet another year comes in just a few hours. This is a good time to think back the previous year and above all look forward to the coming year. A new year is a new chance grow as a person, learn new skills, experience exciting moments and enjoy the life. Although people around the world have different traditions to celebrate the new year, these basic ideas can be found behind many of them. Continue reading How people around the world celebrate the new year [infographics]

5 Ways to Decide into Which Languages to Localize

Nowadays more and more decisions can be based on data and facts. Big data has been the buzz word in the business world for quite some time. The language choice isn’t an exception. A company which has a website, web store or company profile in social media knows a lot about the visitors of its online property. This information can help in localization decisions. Continue reading 5 Ways to Decide into Which Languages to Localize

Color Localization Infographics

color-localizationLocalization involves not only translating words from other language to another but also adopting other local elements. For example images, colors, names, dates, prices and currencies are elements that may be changed during the localization process. People are visual creatures, and colors are important to us. They are filled with cultural meanings that should be taken into account when localizing material to other markets.  Continue reading Color Localization Infographics

Don’t Forget to Localize These 5 Elements

successful-localizationIt can be hard to notice all important things when working on a localization project. All the content can contain meanings which don’t work well in the target market. We are often unable to see the most fundamental, hidden cultural assumptions ourselves because we are so used to them. A localization project is most successful when all the details point to the same direction and tell a cohesive story. Here are five elements that deserve some attention in every localization project. Continue reading Don’t Forget to Localize These 5 Elements

When to Use Machine Translation

translate-with-machineAlthough machine translation (MT) isn’t an answer to all our translation needs, MT can ease our lives remarkably. Even the imperfect quality isn’t an issue when the situation doesn’t require faultlessness. The key factor is to know what kind of translation is needed. Professional translators produce the best quality but MT can help you with other translation needs.  Continue reading When to Use Machine Translation