Is Machine Translation Popular?

Automatic translation is becoming more popular all the time. In this context the word ‘popular’ refers to the fact that it is widely used in many situations and for many purposes. The users of Google Translate write and paste unbelievable amounts of texts to the machine every day. Skype introduced the feature of automatic translation for calls. Twitter is developing some kind of machine translation possibility for tweets. The list goes on and on. Continue reading Is Machine Translation Popular?

Benefits of Language Standardization

Benefits-of-language-standardization-bLanguage standardization practically means that there are predefined guidelines and vocabulary for writing content. It isn’t a good method for novels or other emotional texts because it can make the story a bit monotonous, repetitive and robot-like. However, there are plenty of other text types that would benefit from some standardization ─ especially in the business world. Continue reading Benefits of Language Standardization

New Way of Thinking Translation Automation

new-way-of-thinking-translation-automationThere has been a lot of discussion about translation automation in recent years. One can have any kind of opinion about machine translation and other autoamtion technologies, but the fact is that technology has helped the translation industry to become more efficient. Technologies, like translation tools, text processing programs, grammar checkers, for example, ease the everyday translation work. Continue reading New Way of Thinking Translation Automation

When to Use Machine Translation

translate-with-machineAlthough machine translation (MT) isn’t an answer to all our translation needs, MT can ease our lives remarkably. Even the imperfect quality isn’t an issue when the situation doesn’t require faultlessness. The key factor is to know what kind of translation is needed. Professional translators produce the best quality but MT can help you with other translation needs.  Continue reading When to Use Machine Translation

What NOT to Do with Machine Translation

what not to do with machine translation?Machine Translation (MT) is a fantastic innovation. It helps people to communicate with each others. With MT people have all the online knowledge just few clicks away. The best thing is that MT is fast and everyone has a free access to at least few machine translation services. It seems like MT is the answer to all our linguistic dilemmas. Continue reading What NOT to Do with Machine Translation

Language Technologies from Science Fiction to Real World

LT-from-scifi-to-realityHuman beings are contradictory. On one hand we prefer staying in the comfort zone and keep things stable. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? On the other hand we are masters at imagining how the future might look like. Mostly these future visions include high-tech innovations and incredible machines. Language technologies (LT) also have had a significant role in many of these visions.

Continue reading Language Technologies from Science Fiction to Real World