Mosaic globe When a software company commits to start professional localization project, localizable material will crop up everywhere. After the software is localized all sorts of web pages, user manuals, emails, FAQs, blog posts etc. are already waiting in the line. Then other languages are being added to the process. Finally the company finds out that they have tons of localization files, versions and projects. And no one is in charge. Sounds familiar?

One day I heard two ladies talking in the bus. They were frustrating over the complicated process of updating user manuals in their work. Their main concern was that no one knew which version they were supposed to edit, and they were wondering how to make sure that all the translated manuals will have the same, updated information.

This kind of problem is more common as it should be. The modern way to manage a team remotely is making the situation even worse. Team work can be efficient and productive. Likewise remote connections are handy when the team members are located far from each others. But if many people are editing the same documents and files separately in different time zones, the result may be disastrous.

To guarantee the best possible quality, all the material that needs to be translated and localized should be included in a single localization project. When the project is processed with a single localization tool the following benefits will be achieved:

  • Consistent and cohesive terminology
  • Re-using existing translations
  • All the changes specified and visible to everyone
  • No compatibility issues between different tools or file formats
  • Quick learning to use only one tool
  • Efficient project management
  • Easy project progress monitoring
  • Constant quality over all the material

Using a single software localization tool will save your project from many problems. Of course all localization projects are unique but still most professional projects contain a lot of material in different file formats. In that case the benefits of a single tool are even more clear.

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