The Best Machine Translator Doesn’t Exist

Best Of The Year StickerThere are so many machine translation services available that it can be very difficult to choose which one to use. People often tend use different criteria when choosing between brands. There can be hundreds or even thousands conscious and subconscious reasons behind every decision. When choosing between automatic translation services the most important criteria usually include language selection, price, ease of use and quality.

The comparison between all the available machine translators is difficult. Concrete items, like prices and language selections, are relatively simple to compare. Quality and easiness, on the other hand, are very abstract and subjective things to measure. Everyone can test how easy the translator is to use, but the translation quality is trickier.

People often use automatic translation services when they need to understand a text which is written with a foreign language. When you don’t speak the source language, it is very challenging to evaluate whether the automatic translation is good or not. To make it even worse, translation quality is always strongly depended on various things. For example the quality of the original text affects the translation quality.

When you want to find the best machine translation to your case, you’ll need to decide which aspects are important to you. Every case is unique, and thus it’s important that your goals are clear. For example, any raw machine translation is good enough for some situations, while some other translation projects require hiring professional translators.

Unfortunately, the best machine translator doesn’t exist. All the available machine translators have their pros and cons. Some of them are better in certain types of texts than others. It is extremely challenging to find the best options in every case. Most often people tend to choose one automatic translator and use it all the time. This is an option but it doesn’t bring you all the benefits of machine translation technologies. Automatic translators are most useful when several translators are compared side by side to get the best quality and the fewest mistranslations. It’s a very laborious method, though.


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4 thoughts on “The Best Machine Translator Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Relying exclusively on unedited machine translation, however, ignores the fact that communication in human language is context -embedded and that it takes a person to comprehend the context of the original text with a reasonable degree of probability. It is certainly true that even purely human-generated translations are prone to error; therefore, to ensure that a machine-generated translation will be useful to a human being and that publishable-quality translation is achieved, such translations must be reviewed and edited by a human.

  2. You can’t compare a machine translation with the work of a human translator. If you want a quality translation you have to choose a human translator. Otherwise you will not have the chance to use the translation.

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