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Machine translation can be difficult and laborious but it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways to get machine translations. Some of them are easier than others. Some of them produce higher quality than others. Often you’ll get lower quality easily, and higher quality requires some pre-work that makes machine translation less easy. Fortunately easiness and quality aren’t always mutually exclusive.

Machine translation is hard when choosing the long way. The long way usually involves developing one’s own machine translation system. The motivators for starting this work are pretty strong: the ability to control what the machine translator does and to teach it to meet one’s own quality standards. However, building a MT machine from scratch requires time, money, source material and knowledge. It is an investment.

Sometimes the investment on own machine translator is too much to handle. It just isn’t worth the effort and the good results are not guaranteed either. There is a risk in every investment. To avoid all the complexity and to minimize the risk one needs other options. The short cut solution would be using one of those free machine translation services. There are situations when free MT is a good choice. The biggest issue with any free MT is that the quality varies remarkably. This happens not only between text types but also from sentence to sentence. Although the user can’t know what he’ll receive, he can partly affect the translation quality with good choices.

The uncertainty makes free machine translation services less attractive for professional use. This kind of raw MT is more like a starting point than a solution. Professionals require steady and predictable quality. At the same time the tough competition set limits for how much it is reasonable to pay for a MT. The markets are asking for a new solution that combines the good sides of both free and private MT.

Automatically qualified machine translation is developed to answer to this call for a solution. It’s both easy and affordable. MT qualifier is able to evaluate the quality of raw MT. It can be done automatically through advanced technical systems. Truly qualified MT contains only good enough translations that are helpful and useful to the user. This automated selection process creates value without any need for making investments. From the user’s point of view, qualified MT is as easy to use as any free MT services. The complex technology makes the magic, and the user can enjoy the results.

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