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This is the third part of our small budget software localization tips. In the first two parts we talked about planning and prioritizing.

The more there are people eating the same cake the less everyone gets, right? This is true with all limited resources, and money is indeed a limited resource – at least for the majority of us. Thus the first thing that one can do to increase one’s share is to invite less people to the table.

In a localization project, the most productive people are the ones whose work actually profits the project most. Consider cutting the less productive parts off. It can be that you find out that the language service provider takes a too big share of your budget in relation to the value they create. Thus you could try to hire translators instead of translation agencies, for example. And if you don’t have translators among your personal contacts, you can google or use online platforms, like eLance, to find good translators.

Likewise, if you have used a localization service provider in your previous software localization projects and if you are not really convinced on their ability to create enough value to your project, you should consider the option of skipping also this middleman and doing yourself as much as possible. This is an especially good idea if you have some technical knowledge in your company. The need for special skills is even smaller when you use a suitable localization tool in your project. Some localization tools (ie. Multilizer Enterprise) can do some important technical things automatically, and some other tools (ie. .NET Localizer or PDF Translator) are designed to do all technical localization steps automatically.

We are not saying that all middlemen are useless. Again the situation determines whether there are unnecessary participants sharing your small budget. Don’t get rid of those people you can’t live without!

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