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This is the fourth part of our series of small budget software localization tips. Previously we have discussed about planning, prioritizing and skipping unnecessary costs.

Small budget and tight schedule are like water and oil. They don’t combine very well. In a software localization project time can somewhat compensate the limited monetary resources. The key is to be active and hard-working. If you cannot hire other people to do things for you, maybe you can sacrifice your own time and learn to do it yourself.

Let’s take an example: There is a software company which is going to launch its latest video game to a new language area. Previously, they have outsourced their localization projects to a localization service provider. This time they have a smaller budget and cannot afford the same localization service provider – or they don’t want to put their entire tiny budget into one basket. Because they have technical understanding in the team, they decide to localize the software internally with a localization tool. They buy the product and assume the job will be done quickly. Very soon they realize that they have to move the due dates. The localization tool is new and it takes some time to learn how to work fluently with it. But the best part is that in the upcoming projects they don’t have to do the learning phase anymore; they have the tool and the knowhow.

The wise of doing things oneself sounds easier than it is because we people tend to be lazy. The first step is always difficult but often it’s worth taking. It is true that it takes some time to learn anything new, but after that the skill is there ready for your next projects. When having a small budget, the only thing you absolutely need is some imagination and a lot of effort which don’t cost you anything. The easiest way is rarely the cheapest one!

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