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This is the sixth part of our series of small budget software localization tips. In earlier parts we have discussed about planning, prioritizing, skipping unnecessary costs, doing things by oneself and being realistic.

You are probably paying a too much if your mantra is: “I do it like this because I have always done it like this.”  There are dozens of ways to do things and countless other ways are still waiting to become invented. Software localization is still such a new term and concept that we should have a curious attitude towards it and use an innovative approach.

Small budget is an ideal motivator for new ideas. If you don’t have the ability to do something like you would with a big budget case, you have to find another way to do it. The idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary, because also small improvements can bring real savings and help you in managing the limited monetary resources.

If you are not blessed with rich imagination, learn from the ones who master the creative thinking. The world is full of great examples of innovative actions. The great idea can come from an unexpected context or from your worst competitor. Keep your eyes and mind open!

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