With the continuous rise of the mobile technologies, PDF formats’ popularity has not in any way fallen off. The fact is that there are many different types of reading formats used for mobile devices. Yet PDF is very widely used file format for mobile devices.

The following are the top five PDF readers that you can use for your mobile device such as your Android phone. Take note that these readers are absolutely free and can be downloaded with no charge at all. Let’s check them out.


1. Adobe 

Adobe is actually one of the very first companies that created a PDF reader to Android devices. This kind of reader often comes with a high quality. However, it is worth notice that it has experienced few shortcomings which have applied also its Windows counterpart. The shortcomings include its bulky characteristics and slow functionality. Overall, this is a great basic application for reading PDF documents with Android.

2. Mantano

If you want something that offers a more stripped down style and a lighter reader for your Android device then this is a perfect alternative to Adobe. It comes with a few exception features including selecting texts, sharing annotations and quotes with your colleagues and friends.

3. Aldiko

This is a perfect type of PDF application which is known to perfectly work with both ePub and PDF formats. It’s commonly considered to be pretty fast so you always have your files ready for a quick read. The images that are being displayed using this reader are nice to the eyes so you’ll have a pleasant reading experience whenever you want to read a PDF on your Android device. So if you read a lot and want a breezy and easy way of transforming PDF files into something readable on your Android then Aldiko proves to a great choice for you.

4. APV

This particular type of PDF reader is considered as an application that is open source. It’s more compact and solid and provides everything you need to read PDF files. This app is quite stripped down and it offers fewer exciting features than some other PDF readers. But if you only need a reader that helps you view your PDF files then APV makes your PDF reading truly a breeze.

5. Think Free

This Android app is a native type of application used for reading PDF files on Android versions 1.5 and above. Aside from viewing, it is also used for email attachments, bookmarks, support for text searches, Higher Source built-in support, Vista reading, different zoom levels, e-support, mail, email links, web, telephone, multiple languages support, and PDF files that are protected by passwords. Think Free is a great application for those who want to do more than just read PDFs.

A PDF reading tool is truly an essential tool for Android users who enjoy reading on their Android devices. With the list above, you’ll surely find the application that fits your requirements.

Is there a PDF reader application that you’d like to add to this list?


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