Do you ever wonder where all the visitors come from on your website? As web masters we all have a natural tendency to delve into the analytics of our site and see where our traffic is coming from.

If you have an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, it’s quite easy to see where in the world out traffic is coming from. Often it’s quite surprising to find where our site is reaching out to.

So if you have a good browser such as Chrome or Firefox then there are plugins to help you translate sites of other languages in to your language for your visitors.

But what experience do other people have when they stop by your site?

Sometimes the browsers others are using just do not provide the same experience that we have. If they have just come across your site especially through a site like Stumble-Upon, then they probably aren’t going to stick around and translate your site with much effort.

So how can you make it easier for them and make them stick around instead of bouncing straight off your site? Other than Google translate, there are some useful plug-in’s that you could use that will translate your site for your visitor to serve them better.

  • WP Translate is a simple to use language translation tool which quickly translates the pages on your site. It works through a widget on your site and users simply have to select the language they want and it will automatically translate the webpage for them at a good standard, so that they can comfortably read your site.
  • Global Translator is a WordPress plug-in which automatically translates your blog. It has a language capacity of 48 different languages.
  • ConveyThis Blog Translator is a free translation button plug-in provided by ConveyThis that can translate your website into over 50 languages. It utilizes the power of Google Translate and contains all of its translation functionality into one small, easy to use button. Once it is installed, the translate button will show up at the foot of each post on the home page, as well as at the foot of the individual posts.
  • Simple Punctual Translation is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to translate any type of post into other languages. The features are vast but are mainly summed up as the ability to alternate between multiple languages and the individual view of content. So a page can be translated into many different languages as a result.
  • Bens Translator is a WordPress plug-in which can generate translated pages making use of Google Translator. The different pages are then cached by your webserver and then displayed as a normal webpage. This will then allow Google and other search engines to index the pages to boost your traffic.


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