What is the easiest and cheapest way to translate software to another language? The method that Facebook, Twitter and an increasing number of others are employing is translation crowdsourcing. It means having the enthusiastic software users translate the software, usually for free. Thanks to Multilizer localization tool, translation crowdsourcing is now available to anyone.

Translation crowdsourcing is a good method when saving translation cost is important. For example, let’s assume you have developed a great piece of software. You have many users in many countries. Your software is currently in only one language and if the translation cost wasn’t so high, you would like to have the software translated to other languages. That would both benefit your current users and increase the number of your users and your earnings. Enter translation crowdsourcing!

Multilizer localization tools contain a feature called MOTO (Multilizer Online Translation Outsourcing). Here is how it works:

  1. The software developer lets Multilizer analyse the software and find the text-to-be-translated inside the software.
  2. Multilizer uploads the text-to-be-translated to Internet.
    The software developer calls his users/translators to participate in the translation (in web).
  3. Translators use web-based Google Translator Toolkit to write their own translations.
  4. After the translation is finished, the developer lets Multilizer build translated version of the software.

Translation crowdsourcing is a very simple and cost-efficient method for expanding sales and increasing user satisfaction. With MOTO, software translation can be crowdsourced in 5 minutes. The translation crowdsourcing process could not be any simpler!

MOTO - Outsource and crowdsource translation online with Multilizer