A translator gadget can be many things, but the Translator Gadget is a small translation software. Translator Gadget can translate short pieces of text automatically from one language to another. There are dozens of languages supported for translation and also the Gadget itself has been translated to many languages.

In addition Translator Gadget can tell you how good the translation is. This automatic translation quality checking estimates the translation quality for you. Green color means that the translation is probably good. Yellow color will instruct you to be cautious and to proofread the translation carefully. Red color indicates that you probably should not use the translation without proper proofreading by a professional translator.

Multilizer Gadget is translation tool for Windows desktopsTranslator Gadget is designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktops. After installation it can easily be located in the desktop sidebar (see the picture).

Because the Gadget is on your desktop where you can find it anytime you need to translate something, it is extremely useful tool. It won’t be lost in your programs and files.

And the best thing: Translator Gadget is FREE. That’s right; you can download and use it without any fees or payments.


Updated information 27th December, 2011: Unfortunately Multilizer Translator Gadget is no more available. For reasons beyond our control, we cannot maintain the gadget anymore. We thank you all the users!

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