The quality of machine translation can be very good or bad or most commonly something between. The problem isn’t that machine translation is always bad because they can produce high quality translation in certain cases. The problem is that there are so many translators available and that those translators can produce very different types of text on every situation. The challenge is to know which of the dozens of translators you should choose for your case.

Because machine translators do differ in quality case by case there’s no single solution to the question. Some translators find the best translation for test with less informal style and others for medical text and others for formal news type of text etc. If you translate a lot of similar kinds of texts then you might have seen these differences yourself and found the one that suits you the best. It a great thing but keep in mind that machine translators are evolving constantly and the best option today may not be the best in next month or year.

However, that’s not all in the dilemma of finding the best machine translator. To make make it even more complicated we need to take a closer look at the anatomy of machine translators. They seem to translate long texts as in its entirety when you put your test through the machine. In reality, they cut the text into pieces and handle those pieces separately. A sentence is commonly one segment to be translated. Thus, machine translators often offer different solutions also in sentence level.

All this makes it even more difficult to find the best machine translation engine for the complete piece of text. No one can (or shouldn’t!) waste the time to test every machine translator sentence by sentence. The remaining options are:

  1. Choose a different machine translator randomly every time.
  2. Choose the one that you are the most familiar with and keep using it in all cases.
  3. Choose different translators for different kinds of text by proceeding a serious analysis of all the available machine translators.
  4. Choose a machine translation qualifier which finds the best translation for your case every time on a sentence level.

Overall, finding the best machine translator can be hard because today’s machine translators are very advanced and the technology is complicated.

How do you choose which machine translator to use?


The Best Machine Translation for Your Case
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