Machine vs. Human: Translators Put to the Test

This is a guest post by Verbal Ink.

In contemporary culture, we are used to computers being able to shock us. The idea of a computer doing something that a previous generation thought was impossible is, to us, the norm. That’s why what paradoxically shocks those of us well-versed in technology and the power of machines is the areas where they still fail to match us mere humans. Continue reading Machine vs. Human: Translators Put to the Test

Two Reasons to Localize

Localization can be a little intimidating if you haven’t done it before. Luckily the actual localization project isn’t the difficult part. There are tons of guidance, tools and services available to help you in the localization phase. All the mental work before even deciding to localize is the toughest part of the process. Continue reading Two Reasons to Localize

Is Machine Translation Popular?

Automatic translation is becoming more popular all the time. In this context the word ‘popular’ refers to the fact that it is widely used in many situations and for many purposes. The users of Google Translate write and paste unbelievable amounts of texts to the machine every day. Skype introduced the feature of automatic translation for calls. Twitter is developing some kind of machine translation possibility for tweets. The list goes on and on. Continue reading Is Machine Translation Popular?

Importance of Mobile Application Localization

Every smart phone or tablet has some kinds of apps in it. Those tiny pieces of software are everywhere in our lives: they measure, educate, help, guide, unite, relax and entertain us every day. With apps modern phones and tablets transform into mobile and compact information tools. The life without apps is hard to remember although it’s only been a little while since smart phones were invented. Continue reading Importance of Mobile Application Localization

5 Magical Infographics: Christmas Around the World

Season-greetings-from-Multilizer-600x550It’s the time of the year when many people celebrate holidays all around the world. There are many different celebrations during December and January. Because we all learn the ‘right way’ of celebrating when growing up, it might feel that everyone everywhere follow the same habits and customs. That isn’t true. There can be similarities but every culture has their own way of spending the season. Continue reading 5 Magical Infographics: Christmas Around the World