Don’t Forget to Localize These 5 Elements

successful-localizationIt can be hard to notice all important things when working on a localization project. All the content can contain meanings which don’t work well in the target market. We are often unable to see the most fundamental, hidden cultural assumptions ourselves because we are so used to them. A localization project is most successful when all the details point to the same direction and tell a cohesive story. Here are five elements that deserve some attention in every localization project. Continue reading

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5 Signs Your Company Needs to Pay More Attention to the Language Strategy


Globalization has brought different cultures and languages closer to businesses. Wise language and translation choices are part of an international success. Few companies afford to ignore languages in their strategic work. Let’s go through five signs that show when the company’s language strategy might need some updating. Continue reading

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The Right And Wrong Way of Using Languages

the right and wrong way of using languages The current discussion of language technologies and their impact on languages concentrates mostly on quality. Developers around the world are working very hard to make their innovations more capable of producing grammatically correct language because the usefulness of these innovations is evaluated through the quality. Still millions of people use all sorts of language technologies everyday in spite of the imperfect quality. Continue reading

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What People Want to Translate

what-people-want-to-translateWe need more translations than ever before. It is estimated that the translation industry is growing remarkably in the coming years. The growth means that the demand for translation services will increase. We have seen signs of it already. People use Google Translate so much every single day that it is difficult to understand where all those millions of words come from. I guess the sources are quite mundane. Continue reading

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Country Borders or Cultural Differences? When Localization Is Needed?

language-familiesThe value of localization and translation seems to be clear to most international companies so far. There are many success stories of global brands which have conquered new markets country by country. In fact, country and state borders have traditionally defined market areas. Today, when consumption is shifting more and more to the internet, this idea feels outdated. Continue reading

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Machine vs. Human: Both Can Produce High and Low Translation Quality

best-worst-qualityQuality is the hot topic every time people discuss about machine translation. People are so passionate about this issue that we are far from a mutual understanding. And it is fine. A good debate keeps the industry vital. But because too narrow point of view distorts the overall picture, we have to take human translation into the discussion as well. Continue reading

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