Difficulties of Literary Translation – Translating between a Rock and a Hard Place

This is a guest post by Day Translations, Inc.

Difficulties of Literary Translation All translations require excellent knowledge of the target and source languages, as well as an understanding of the cultural background and context into which a document is being translated. However, in the case of literary translation, various concerns, such as subjective interpretation of the original text, distinguish this translation process from that involved in non-literary translations. Continue reading

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MT Quality Comparison: Google Translate vs. Microsoft Translator

best-machine-translatorRecently we published updated machine translation (MT) quality comparison. The comparison was made in late August with our fully-automatic award-winning system called MT-Qualifier. We compared MT quality in two language pairs, English to Spanish and English to Portuguese. The results are quite interesting because they contradict a bit with the common understanding of the best services. “A myth is busted”, so to speak. Continue reading

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Localization of Android Applications

The number of iPhone, Android, Symbian and other smartphone application in the markets increases very rapidly. Many of these applications are rather simple and very small in size. Selling of these applications usually does not require a web site or extensive marketing material because users from different cultures and countries all buy applications in few iPhone, Android and other software stores. Thus there is a big amount of applications that can be localized to new languages by translating 500-1000 words or even less. Continue reading

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Basic Translation Crowdsourcing Process

Translation crowdsourcing is an innovative and effective method for getting something translated. The main idea is to let a group of people to participate the translation work. There are several important reasons why translation crowdsourcing is becoming more and more popular translation source. Continue reading

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What is important to the potential translation buyer?

how-to-choose-the-right-translation-servicePeople need translations for many reasons. Some people travel around the globe. Some people do international business. Most of us at least search for information in the internet and sometimes it is available only in a language that we don’t speak. Because the needs are so different, people use different criterion when choosing a translation service provider. Here’s a list of elements that are more or less important to most translation buyers. Continue reading

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The party, the panic and the trust. Meta-localization for success in localization.

corporate_party At first, what happens when you want to localize software is similar to being invited to a party where you don’t really know anybody, but everybody else seems to know everybody else. A feeling of awkwardness accompanies your gestures and a nervous smile sticks to your face. Your objective is to mingle and show who you really are to the others, hoping for the opportunity to present your striking ideas and disarming humor. You grow self-aware and every gesture becomes somewhat tense. The more relaxed you want to seem (“I’m totally ok with being here alone looking at the host’s beautiful plants”), the more displaced you feel. Continue reading

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