Importance of Mobile Application Localization

Every smart phone or tablet has some kinds of apps in it. Those tiny pieces of software are everywhere in our lives: they measure, educate, help, guide, unite, relax and entertain us every day. With apps modern phones and tablets transform into mobile and compact information tools. The life without apps is hard to remember although it’s only been a little while since smart phones were invented. Continue reading Importance of Mobile Application Localization

5 Magical Infographics: Christmas Around the World

Season-greetings-from-Multilizer-600x550It’s the time of the year when many people celebrate holidays all around the world. There are many different celebrations during December and January. Because we all learn the ‘right way’ of celebrating when growing up, it might feel that everyone everywhere follow the same habits and customs. That isn’t true. There can be similarities but every culture has their own way of spending the season. Continue reading 5 Magical Infographics: Christmas Around the World

Benefits of Language Standardization

Benefits-of-language-standardization-bLanguage standardization practically means that there are predefined guidelines and vocabulary for writing content. It isn’t a good method for novels or other emotional texts because it can make the story a bit monotonous, repetitive and robot-like. However, there are plenty of other text types that would benefit from some standardization ─ especially in the business world. Continue reading Benefits of Language Standardization

What Is Language Standardization

language-standardizationThe ongoing competition and the challenging economical situation are driving companies to find new ways to improve profitability. Cutting costs is often an inevitable part of this process, and translation and localization functions get their share of the savings targets. When international communication is crucial to the business and eliminating all the translation work isn’t an option, companies search for methods to translate more cheaply. Continue reading What Is Language Standardization

When Localization Can Help Your Business to Grow

when-localization-can-help-your-business-to-grow Localization means adopting the local culture and language to the product or service. Whether a business is B2C or B2B, customers are always humans who have different language skills. Languages affect people’s behavior in many ways. One can localize almost everything from software to websites, and from brochures to social media communication. Continue reading When Localization Can Help Your Business to Grow

New Way of Thinking Translation Automation

new-way-of-thinking-translation-automationThere has been a lot of discussion about translation automation in recent years. One can have any kind of opinion about machine translation and other autoamtion technologies, but the fact is that technology has helped the translation industry to become more efficient. Technologies, like translation tools, text processing programs, grammar checkers, for example, ease the everyday translation work. Continue reading New Way of Thinking Translation Automation