When Localization Can Help Your Business to Grow

when-localization-can-help-your-business-to-grow Localization means adopting the local culture and language to the product or service. Whether a business is B2C or B2B, customers are always humans who have different language skills. Languages affect people’s behavior in many ways. One can localize almost everything from software to websites, and from brochures to social media communication. Continue reading

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New Way of Thinking Translation Automation

new-way-of-thinking-translation-automationThere has been a lot of discussion about translation automation in recent years. One can have any kind of opinion about machine translation and other autoamtion technologies, but the fact is that technology has helped the translation industry to become more efficient. Technologies, like translation tools, text processing programs, grammar checkers, for example, ease the everyday translation work. Continue reading

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The Importance of Languages in Global Businesses (Overview of KITES Symposium 2014)

kites-symposium-2014Last week we participated in KITES Symposium 2014, the top language industry event in Finland, to hear and discuss about the future of language services industry. There were many interesting presentations from different points of view. We want to share some of the thoughtful ideas and opinions here with you. Continue reading

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Non-Verbal Localization

seeing-behind-words Non-verbal communication is often associated with face-to-face communication. In addition to the actual words, people communicate with facial expressions, body gestures, eye movements, and so on. In a real, face-to-face interaction we are able to sense all the signals and micro expressions which help us to build up the overall perception. Continue reading

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Balancing Between Localized And Global Brand

to-localize-or-not-to-localize International companies know how challenging it is to be both global and local at the same time. On one hand, building a strong global brand isn’t easy but it could bring efficiency and competitive advantage in the brand management. On the other hand, every new market is different and already saturated with brands. A new and unknown foreign brand has to work very hard to earn the attention of the potential customers, and localization is one way to come closer to the people. Continue reading

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Localization Is Part of Good Customer Service

localization-is-good-service As a localization tool developer, we often talk about localization in a technical context. The implementation and processes have got a lot of attention here in the blog – which of course is important. Localization, especially software localization, can be tricky and there are many things to consider. However, the fact that localization has a great potential to improve sales and customer satisfaction deserves a great deal of attention as well. Continue reading

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